Terms and Conditions

Renters must be comply with the Rental Company's minimum age requirements and valid Driving Licence, held for at least 2 year at the time of rental, together with their Identity Card or Passport.
Renters declare that they have received the vehicle in good conditions and that it matched the description given on the Vehicle Condition Report, and undertake to return it in same condition.
The Vehicle must be driven exclusively by the person renting or by the additional authorised driver, if any, convered as Insured by the Motor Insurance, which provides cover solely for compulsory third party liability and unlimited damaged to third parties.
Renter must be return the vehicle to the place and on the date stated by the Rental Company, and are reponsible for the cost of fuel consumed and service fee.
Renters are responsible for obeying to law in the country in which they are driving, and for the supervision and securty of the vehiclei and are answerable for any negligent use and the safety of any property and passengers carried and are not authorised to dispose of the vehicle or any of its components.
They many only drive the vehicle in to Azerbaijan Mainland, and may not use it for purpose other than those stated.
Renters authorised the Rental Company to charge the finaly expenses due for the rental to their credit card or account number supplied for that purpose.

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