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A standout amongst the most antiquated urban areas of Azerbaijan, Sheki is rightly makes the most of its status for being the architectural reserve of the country. Specifically compelling to voyagers from everywhere throughout the world is the Palace of Sheki Khans (1762) – Being an unusual ase of joining national and royal residence structural customs the Palace of Sheki Khans (1762) is in a special attention of the arriving tourists. Shaki has one of the greatest density of social assets and landmarks that incorporate 2700 years of Azerbaijani history.
The city regularly hosts the Annual Mugham Festival and Silk Road International Music Festival. The city is likewise viewed as the nation's capital of handcrafts and the creative items made here are not delivered in some other district of Azerbaijan.

Places to visit in Sheki
- Fortress "Gelersan – Gerarsan"
- Shaki Castle
- Palace of Shaki Khans
- Shaki History Museum
- Caravanserais

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