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Shamakhi was first referenced as Kamachia by the antiquated Greco-Roman Egyptian geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus in the first to second century AD. Historically, Shamakhi was renowned for its rugs of which embellishment utilizing the buta theme overwhelm similarly as with other Shirvan carpets. Shirvan carpets are exhibited in the the world's popular galleries.
The novel nature, gentle atmosphere and natural mineral springs give this region an extraordinary marvel. One of the most loved peaks for hikers, Badabag, is situated here. The most loved spot of journey for vacationers is the settlement of Pirkuli which is found 22 km from the focal point of the region at an elevation of 1400 m. There are opportunities here for skiing in winter and summer riding.
The biggest astrophysical observatory in Azerbaijan and the entire Caucasus is situated in Pirkuli, Shamakhi. The observatory named after renowned Azerbaijani draftsman, stargazer, mathematician and logician Nasreddin Tusi is outfitted with current offices and one of the biggest in the CIS telescope with a mirror measurement of 2 meters.

Places to visit in Shamakhi
- Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum
- House-Museum of Mirza Alakbar Sabir
- Gulustan Castle
- Juma Mosque of Shamakhi
- Mausoleum of Shahihandan and Diri-Baba
- Tomb of the Shirvan Khans
- Gala-Bugurt fortress.
- "Girkh-Bulag" (forty springs)

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