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Gobustan State Reserve is situated west of the settlement of Gobustan, around 40 miles southwest of the focal point of Baku was built up in 1966 when the district was proclaimed as a national authentic milestone of Azerbaijan trying to safeguard the old carvings, mud volcanoes and gas-stones in the locale. This is one of the world's biggest old petroglyph buildings, flaunting in excess of 4,000 petroglyphs on the site. The Cultural Landscape of Gobustan petroglyph is incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Numerous geologists just as local people and global mud travelers visit mud volcanoes for wellbeing entertainment as this mud which is also thought to have restorative characteristics.

Places to visit in Gobustan
- Prehistoric carvings
- Mud volcanoes
- Gaval Dash (natural musical stone)

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