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Gabala (otherwise called Qabala) is a city in northern Azerbaijan. Toward the southwest, Chukhur Gabala town has antiquated remnants, including gate towers, from the city's time as capital of Caucasian Albania. On the city's northeastern edges, the Tufandag Winter– Summer Mountain Resort offers ski runs. An antiquated Albanian church is in Boyuk Amili, not far away. Toward the west, Nij is home to the local Udi individuals. There are an extraordinary number of authentic and social landmarks covering diverse periods in this locale. Gabala is viewed as a mainstream traveller destination because of the mix of a decent spring atmosphere, rocky scene, and assorted fauna. Gabala has extensive areas of greenery either safeguarded by the National Government or assigned as green zones. The city incorporates "Gabaland", which is reportedly the biggest entertainment park in Azerbaijan.

Places to visit in Gabala
- Gabalaland
- Tufandag Winter-Summer Montain Resort
- Yeddi Gozel Waterfall
- Nohur Lake
- Damiraparan River

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